About this Site

The Anglo-Catholic Socialism web site began as a kind of a hobby with me and then "just growed". It was very much my own personal project and, to a large extent, remains such.

Rather quickly, however, I began to hear from others around the world who valued this "tradition within a tradition" and ties were formed with the Jubilee Group, largely in the U.K., and with individuals scattered here and there on four continents.

In 1999 we established an on-line community of friends, Anglican Left, with much lively conversation and comradeship. We are not an organization, still less a "party", but rather a loose network of co-thinkers and friends.

So these pages are gradually becoming more of a cooperative effort and less of a personal expression, which is just the way it should be. We don't have a "party line", we can't give you all the answers. What we can do is help keep a beautiful vision alive and hope others will catch a glimpse of an entirely possible future -- possible, that is, if we really want it and will rest content with nothing less. Don't be afraid to be called "utopian". Dream, and dream big! "Your Father means to give you the Kingdom."

Write us with your comments, questions, and suggestions, or just to say hello.

-- Ted Mellor

Vivese Senso Duo
Hair loss - a female problem solved!
Knee Active Plus
Crooked knees are gone!

"Don't worry about presenting a finished work to God, who is infinite love, and demands of you only infinite desire." -- St. Catherine of Siena

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