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Anglican Left is a small e-mail community, initially a joint project of the then Jubilee Group and supporters of Anglo-Catholic Socialism. Members receive information about updates to the Anglo-Catholic Socialism site, announcements of activities, and the opportunity to participate in much lively conversation and comradeship. We do get talkative, and members usually can expect to receive several messages every day, some of them rather long.

We at Anglican Left are at present about 150 people, mostly in the U.S. and the U.K., but Canada, Ireland, Nicaragua, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, and South Africa are also represented. Not all of us are Anglicans, not all would identify themselves as "Socialists", and those who do might not always agree on exactly what we mean by the term. We are not an organization, we have no leaders or "gurus", and there is no party line.

But do we share a common vision, as outlined in the following Statement of Purpose:

A meeting place for Anglicans and others in general agreement with the tradition of Christian social witness described, for example, on the Anglo-Catholic Socialism website. It is intended simply as a small, safe place of our own, where we can exchange ideas, news, and something of ourselves. We do not expect to agree on everything, but we do share a common belief that the pursuit of justice and the correction of oppression lie at the very heart of our Faith, announced by the Prophets, proclaimed in the Gospels, and shown forth in the Sacraments. We recognize, too, that God is ever at work outside the formal structures of the Church, in movements among the poor for a more just economic order, in the struggles for full equality of women, of racial, ethnic, and other minorities (including gay men and lesbians), and in those who work for peace. We try to "seek first the Kingdom of God", and to uphold one another in this quest by prayer, conversation, and sharing of insights in an atmosphere of mutual respect and loving solidarity.
In order to preserve our character as primarily a community for mutual support, membership is moderated; we ask that new members explicitly subscribe to the above statement of purpose when joiining. It should not be necessary to say so, but, as our statement implies, we support and work for the full inclusion of women and GLBT persons in every aspect of the Church's life and in every order of its ministry.

(If what you are looking for is more of a place to discuss and debate ideas with Christians of many different backgrounds and viewpoints, we might suggest one of the many theological discussion forums and Anglican-related blogs on the internet in which a number of us also take part.)

If you are in agreement with our principles and wish to join Anglican Left, drop us a line affirming your agreement and telling us a little about yourself -- your name and e-mail address, where you live, your parish, if any, and something of your particular peace and justice interests. This will serve as your introduction to the group (you can do a longer introduction later if the Spirit moves you), and you will begin to receive e-mail messages shortly. We will also send instructions which will allow you to view the archives of previous posts since the group began in October, 1999.

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