Anglo-Catholic Anthem
Ken Leech writes: "John Rowe found this among Gresham Kirkby's papers. He seems to have written it though the title comes from John." It seems to have been written in celebration of the 150th anniversary, in 1983, of Keble's 1833 "Assize Sermon," which is usually taken to mark the beginning of the Oxford Movement -- Ted M.
We danced in Oxford in '33
When Keble preached on Apostasy;
We danced thro' the Tracts in the days long gone;
Newman left but the dance went on.
Dance, then, whoever you may be
In this year of Jubilee.
May the tightrope hold us steadily
And become a bridge of unity.
2. We danced in the peerage and we danced in the slum,
From all `round the country the dancers they did come;
Folk said we were illegal and they swore we'd fail
But we danced in the courts and we danced in the jail!
Dance, then. . .
3. We danced in the parish and we danced in the school,
We traced the steps of religion's holy rule;
We set to our partners in the East and Rome
And we danced Our Lady of Walsingham home.
Dance, then. . .
4. We'll dance in the Synod and we'll dance in the street;
We'll dance in ARCIC, our partners there to greet.
We'll dance with the rich and we'll dance with the poor
For the next one-fifty years and more.
Dance, then. . .
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