Catholic Socialist Devotions

Thanks for Mother Carrie Thompson for forwarding these prayers. She writes, "They are mostly updated versions of Catholic Crusade prayers, in modern (gender-inclusive) language, and some ideas and phrases 'translated' into a more contemporary (and hopefully contextual) idiom."

Devotions Before Mass


Our Lord Jesus Christ is present in each one of us:
we share in fellowship with Christ and with one another,
with all the saints and the comrades of the past,
and with all people of good faith throughout the world.

As the Body of Christ,
we are to offer our gifts of food and drink as servants of God;
we are to break the bread in the spirit of fellowship;
We are to share in Christ's gifts for body and soul:
the fruit of the earth,
the work of human hands, the life of Christ,
to be shared in the spirit of justice.

Our Lord gives His whole life,
even to the death on the Cross,
for the cause of the glorious Kingdom:
let us be united to Christ,
with our comrades in Christ's cause,
by sharing in the Bread of Life and Cup of Salvation.

A Prayer to the Trinity:

Gracious God,
the source of our lives,
help us to realise our comradeship
with all who love and honour your Name.
May our worship be acceptable in your sight,
O God, our strength and our redeemer.

Lord Jesus,
help us in this Mass to give our fullest offering
of comradeship, worship, prayer, and joy;
that we may help to make this common meal of fellowship
a foretaste of your Kingdom which shall be here on earth.

O Holy Spirit,
possess and fill our hearts in this service;
strengthen us with love, joy and goodness,
implant in us a hunger for justice and freedom,
and give us grace to follow in the way,
that we may truly be Christ's body and do Christ's will.

Holy God,
Holy and strong,
Holy and immortal,
Have mercy upon us.

Devotions After Mass

Teach me, good God, to serve you as you deserve:
To give, and not to count the cost;
To fight, and not to heed the wounds;
To toil, and not to seek for rest;
To labour, and not to seek for reward,
Save that of knowing I do your will.
+ Through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen

Grant O Lord,
that as I have shared in your spirit of fellowship,
with these, my sisters and brothers,
so may I continue to struggle for justice
in my daily work and rest;
until the injustice and inequalities of this world are overcome,
and the whole earth is your Kingdom. Amen.

Jesus, I have acted as part of your Body in the breaking of the bread;
Help me to work with others for the coming of your Kingdom on earth.

Jesus, I have shared in common at your altar;
Help me to strive for justice in sharing the world's resources,
and for fullness of life for all.

Jesus, I have seen you present in the Bread and Wine,
and in my comrades who are nourished by your Body and Blood;
Help me to see you in all and above all,
and to serve you in each person I meet.

Jesus, I have known you in the comradeship of this Holy Meal;
Help me to strive against all that destroys solidarity amongst people.

Jesus, I have seen your Body broken, your Blood shed;
I have offered my soul and body as a living sacrifice;
Help me to persevere in your service until your Kingdom comes.

Keep, O Lord, my heart from all evil,
from all pride and envy,
from bitterness and despair,
from fruitless desires and wrong affections,
from love of money and many possessions;
that my heart may be fixed on you alone:
where my treasure is, let my heart be also.

O Lord, I seek to be your servant;
as you have called me to your service,
so make me worthy of your calling,
for Jesus Christ's sake. Amen

The Divine Praises

Blessed be God.
Blessed be God's Holy Name.

Blessed be Jesus Christ, truly God and truly human.
Blessed be Jesus in the Common Meal of fellowship.
Blessed be Christ's Kingdom of comradeship and justice.

Blessed be the Holy Ghost, firing comrades to courage.

Blessed be the Great Mother of God, dragging down tyrants.
Blessed be Mary of Galilee, exalting the humble.

Blessed be God in the angels and the Saints.
Blessed be God in all who struggle for justice.

Blessed be God.

Prayers for the Church

Lord Jesus, our Leader,
we give ourselves to you,
for the cause of your glorious Kingdom;
for joy or for sorrow,
for success or for failure,
for life or for death,
now and for evermore. Amen.

Forgive us, Lord Christ,
When the Church fails to be your Body on earth.
Forgive its inward-looking,
its temptation to respectability;
its silence towards the rich,
its neglect towards the poor.
Give us grace to seek first your Kingdom and its justice,
and unite all Christians in the struggle;
that, in the unity of the Faith and with one heart,
we may seek to overcome the world
and establish that Kingdom on earth;
to the glory of your Name,
who with the Source and Spirit are one God,
forever and ever. Amen.

Come, Holy Spirit, and bless your Church:
lead us into all truth,
strengthen us for service,
and give us grace to persevere unto the end.

O God, my very life,
the source of all character within me;
give me greater courage to speak out when I see wrong,
and to challenge injustice and snobbery and selfishness.
Help me to overcome shyness and fear,
and all indifference to the suffering of others.
Give me a deeper sincerity,
a love of myself,
a penitence for my sins,
a heartfelt desire to amend my life and ways;
so that I may better serve you in every person I meet.
Keep me from love of money, of position and of praise,
and help me to be humble and faithful and true
in all I undertake for you,
that it may be for your glory
and the building-up your Kingdom on earth. Amen