The Jubilee Group
A loose network of socialist Christians,
standing mainly in the Catholic tradition of Anglicanism


Feast of S. Jean Baptiste-Vianney
4th August 2003



Dear Comrades and friends,

Since the Jubilee Group began, Ken Leech has done most of the work of the Group. With Ken retiring in the near future, it is important that we think about and make some decisions about the future of Jubilee.

Paul Butler, Andy Delmege, Terry Drummond and Carrie Thompson met recently as a Sub-Committee of the Executive to think through how we work in the future.

Things cannot go on in exactly the same way. There is no one who is able to give the same time to the group, as Ken has been able to over the last years.

Therefore, we recommend that Jubilee be run in the following way:

If you have any comments on this, then please let us know by email if possible.


Paul Butler
Andy Delmege
Terry Drummond or
Carrie Thompson

Please send post to:
Andy Delmege, St. Bede's Vicarage, 77 Doversley Road, Birmingham, B14 6NN