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Liturgical Resources

May Day Mass for Justice and Equality for all People, Celebrated at S. Martin in the Fields, Trafalgar Square, London, 1 May 2002

Christ the King Lectures

Christ the King and the 'clash of civilizations' by Tim Gorringe, 23rd November 2002.


Country Matters, by Susan Dowell

Jubilee Group Papers

Changing Patterns in Homelessness, by Kenneth Leech. March 2003
Preparing for a New Crusade? by Savitri Hensman. March 2003.
Why Tony Blair may support an invasion of Iraq by Savitri Hensman. December 2002
The Dispute about Rowan, by Ken Leech. October 2002.
What Motivates the Drive Towards War?, by Savitri Hensman. September 2002.

All Jubilee papers are meant to be contributions to debates, thoughts in progress, not final words on anything; they are all anti-copyright, and other individuals or groups are free to reprint them in any form.

The following Discussion Papers appeared in 2000-01:

132 Frankie Ward, Writing the Body of Christ
133 John Atherton, Conrad Noel
134 Richard Roberts, Ruling the Body: the care of souls in a managerial church
135 Steve Latham, Response to Richard Roberts
136 Dorothy Howell-Thomas, Response to Richard Roberts
137 Paul Nicolson, A Spiral of Violence: poverty in the UK
138 Simon Barrow, Unleashing the Vulnerable Word
139 Robert Beckford, Doing Theology in the Age of Crack
140 Steve Latham, New Life in Paddington
141 Christine Allen, Globalisation and Solidarity
142 Roger Arguile, Anyone for Alpha?
143 John Rogerson, Can a Theology of the Old Testament Address Today's World?
141 Savi Hensman, Not Trusting in Princes (off-site)