Declaration for Peace

Kyoto St Stephen's Church
Kyoto Diocese, Anglican Church in Japan
Sunday 21, October 2001

We are a community wishing to follow Jesus Christ, who gives us new lives.

Jesus always lived with the least and oppressed, but never resorted to force to liberate them. Jesus has shown us love instead of power, sympathy with pain and wail instead of pity, and sharing instead of charity.

Indeed, Jesus lived for justice and peace of God. We see the peace of the Lord through the life of Jesus. We express our sincere condolences to the victims of the violence, which hit the United States on September 11. We believe that respecting the dignity of the hurt life means never hurting any other lives and creation of God again, as well as remembering a large number of people who have been killed and forgotten in this unfair world without any chance to be cared for. Following Jesus means denying all kinds of violence. We believe that denying violence will never cause division but will rather pave the way to reconciliation shown by the risen Jesus.

We reject armed retaliation by the USA and the UK as well as Japan's dispatch of the Self Defense Forces abroad to cooperate with them. We reconfirm that no war will ever bring about true peace in the end; the violence will become a hotbed of another violence; and true peace will never come unless we listen to the cries of the trampled people living in this unfair world.

Kyoto St. Stephen's Church will oppose all kinds of war and act for peace by trying to find a solution without armed force.

Source: Anglican Communion News Service, London.

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