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An appeal from The Rt. Rev. Riah H. Abu El-Assal,
Anglican Bishop in Jerusalem, August 1, 2006 and July 27, 2006
No War on Iran! No Nukes!

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Society of Sacramental Socialists

The Society of Sacramental Socialists is made up of socialist Christians in the UK, who are committed to the Catholic tradition of the Anglican Church. It is the successor organisation to the Jubilee Group.

A Global Call for Nonviolent Civil Resistance

We invite peace-makers throughout the world to participate in an international campaign of massive, nonviolent civil resistance to stop the U.S.-led occupation of Iraq. These actions could be organized to include both non-violent civil resistance and legal demonstrations. The killing of tens of thousands of civilians, the wounding of perhaps 100,000 or more people, the torture and murder of prisoners in U.S. custody -- these and other realities of the occupation are evidence of the massive state terrorism being perpetrated against the people of Iraq. At the same time, we mourn the deaths of over 2,300 soldiers of the "coalition forces", while we denounce the lies (weapons of mass destruction, ties between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda) proclaimed in an effort to justify the invasion. For more information, see

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The Working Class Movement Library in Salford [UK] is currently going through some major changes. Their patron since 1987 -- Salford City Council -- is no longer able to maintain the level of financial support it has been giving. The library is looking for fresh sources of funding and asks you to help in whatever way you can. Please support their Special Appeal.
Note: The Library is a vital resource for British and Irish labour and socialist history, and also houses the Jubilee Group library, papers and many articles on Christian socialism.
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We invite you to submit announcements of peace and justice events in your area, Listing of events sponsored by particular socialist parties does not imply endorsement of these parties by Anglo-Catholic Socialism.

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